Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions of a Good Hostess; 1953

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Mmm, good! I'm suddenly hankerin' for a good old fashioned hamburger!

Lustroware was the representative brand of the Plastic Products Division of Borden Chemical, Inc

Bennett's is still around today!

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New years Resolutions of a Good Hostess from the Hostess Editor at Good Housekeeping Magazine; January 1953

   I'll try a new type of party for a change. A Tea, a Brunch
   a cooperative party, a pre-dance get together, a post
   theater snack or a dessert-and-coffee party.

   I won't trust my memory. I'll jot reminders down on
   paper and then check items off when they're done.

   I'll plan some entertainment such as games, watching
   a special television program or listening to music, but if
   the guest prefer some other activity, I'll be ready to
   abandon my plans.

  I'll remember to give fool proof driving directions in
  writing to anyone who needs them. I'll even go so far
  as to draw guests an accurate map.

   I'll look my prettiest when the doorbell rings by stopping
   to change an hour before guest arrive and doing last minute
   chores in a perky apron; suitable for greeting the earliest
    guests if necessary.

   I'll designate a place for my guests to put their wraps, even if
   its on the bed in my bedroom. (In rainy weather I will cover
   the bed with a clear plastic table cloth.)

   I'm not a born cook, I'll put my faith in a good cook book.

   I'll plan a menu with the fewest number of courses feasible and
   include dishes that can be made ahead and wont require last
   minute pot watching. I won't be a jumping jack during the meal.

   I'll capitalize on every holiday by adding a few special little touches
   to the menu or table decorations.

    I'll use imagination in my place settings and be daring when mixing
    china and place mats.

    I'll be original when it comes to serving dishes. I'll heap rice in a salad bowl,
    serve shrimp curry or creole in a pottery casserole, etc.

     I'll decorate my food to look as nice as it tastes, with a sprig of parsley or cress
     on dinner plates.

    I'll consider serving coffee in the living room.

    I wont apologize for the food I serve or the way my house looks.

    I'll never, ever stuff my guests or ask them more than once if they'd like seconds.

    I'll think of ways to serve plates by arranging meat, vegetables and gravy or relish
    on the same big platter.

    I'll consider the dishwashing situation and decide whether: a) to use paper plates-
    (there are wonderful plastic coated ones) and/or place mats; b) to have someone
    come in and help me; c) to rinse and stack between courses and then wash the
    next morning; d) to do a quick but complete wash between courses; e) to have my
    guests help after dinner; or f) to have the ladies join me in the kitchen for a second
    cup of coffee while I wash dishes and let them drain (or complete the drying and
    putting away process)

    I'll feel flattered rather than nettled when a guest joins me in the kitchen.

    I'll have plenty of ashtrays and plenty of coasters on hand, I'll even have a cloth
    in a handy drawer in the living room in case a guest spills something. (once the
    spillage is wiped up, we'll both forget it)

   I will remember that others smoke even if I do not and make sure to have extra
   cigarettes on hand.

   I'll take it easy. I'll remember that the guests came to visit me rather than stuff
   themselves with food or inspect my home with a microscope. If I am rested and
   carefree, my party will be a success.

   When I do the inviting, I'll let my guests know how long the party is intended to
    last. Once they start for the door, I'll let them continue leaving.

   I'll have a wonderful time at my own party.


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