Monday, April 26, 2010

1950s American Slang Word(s) of the Day #23

Our 1950's American slang word(s) of the day today is:

Jail bait: 1. Any person as a minor criminal, esp. a female with whom one makes an acquaintance at the risk of getting into trouble; specifically a woman of such compelling attractiveness that men will take to crime in order to furnish her wants. 2. Specifically an attractive girl who has not reached the legal age of consent;because having "carnal knowledge" of a minor is considered a major crime in most states.

Example: Hey Bruce, Homey and me heard you got some of that jail bait from down off the pier. Keep her away from us! You better watch yourself friend, before you know it you'll be pullin' three to five.

Clarification: hello there Bruce. Homer and I heard tell that you are keeping acquaintance with quite an attractive young girl who has not yet reached the legal age of consent. We ask that you please refrain from bringing her anywhere near us. You would do good to be closely observant of your behavior in this matter or before you even have time to become aware of it you will be serving a sentence of approximately three to five years in a penitentiary institution.

Monday, April 19, 2010

1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day #22

our 1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day Today is:

meatball: meat ball. n. a dull, boring person; an obnoxious person; anyone regarded with disfavor, especially one with a flat, uninteresting character; a creep, a drip, a square, a wet blanket. Fairly common WWII use, both by servicemen and civiliansv.t. To strike someone with the fist. some prison use.-ism. 1. anti-intellectualism, the state of willing ignorance or mediocrity. 2. a state of or instance demonstrating, decreasing standards of integrity, ethics, intelligence and individualism in culture, politics, education and the like; democratic rule by an uneducated, nonthinking authority.

Example: For crying out loud, that Horace is a real clod, a meatball! As far as I'm concerned he can take a flying leap at the moon.

Clarification: I am greatly annoyed. Horace is extremely dull and regarded with absolute disfavor by those around him, especially myself. In my opinion, I would like him to take an especially high jump up and away from my immediate surroundings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1950's American Slang Special

A 1950's American Slang Special!

                                           found at PCL LINK DUMP

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Stuff: A Young Myrna Loy at rest

                                         found at Frankensteinia

OMG! #5

                       found at one of my top favorite blogs; Retrospace

1950's American Slang word(s) of the Day #21

Our 1950's American Slang Word(s) of the day today is:

Sofa Lizzard: 1. A male student who stays at home to avoid spending money for a social engagement or a date. 2. A male who does not take his girlfriend to social engagements, movies, dances or the like, in order to neck or pet with her in private. One who necks or pets ardently.

                                      image from Square America

Example:  Gosh, that Howard is forever trying to cop a feel from Pearl!  They left the movie right in the middle last night and we all knew why. What a sofa lizzard Howard is. Ick!

Clarification: I declare, Howard is eternally laboring to grasp Pearls breasts in a sexual way. They both departed from the motion picture theater last night before the film was even completed.  We all tended to believe, based on their past behavior, that they left in order to engage in strong sexual petting. Howard tends to want to neck and pet quite often. Egads!

Monday, April 12, 2010

1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day #20

I seem to have mixed up the count for the slang entries, this is actually post 20. I seem to have forgotten post 19. We're back on track though.
Our 1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day today is:

Swell; n. a stylishly dressed person, usu. male. a dandy, dude or sport. A genteel or refined person, a wealthy or socially prominent person, especially if somewhat of a dandy or sport. Colloq.; becoming archaic. adj. pleasing; excellent; grand; fine; elegant; stylish; wonderful; enjoyable; friendly; hospitable. colloq. since c. 1880; gained present popularity c.1920 adv. excellently; pleasingly; elegantly; wonderfully; enjoyably; stylishly; hospitably.

             "Gee Dad, that's swell!" Wally and the Beave, "Leave it to Beaver" 1957

Example:  Polly, did you hear that Ronnie's parents are throwing her sweet sixteen down at the Lake? There's going to be a bonfire and hot cocoa and sweet corn! Everyone's's going to be swell! Don't forget to bring your ice skates.

Clarification: Pauline, have you heard the latest news? Veronicas parents are holding a social gathering at the lake in celebration of her birthday. They will have a dizzying array of delights for the partygoers to indulge in. The whole class has been invited. It is sure to be a highly enjoyable evening. It has been suggested that partygoers bring their ice skating equipment.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day #19

Our 1950's American Slang Word(s) of the Day today is :

Daddy-O; n. An affectionate term of direct address for any male who is hip, understanding or sympathetic, whether a father or not. original bop use, c. 1946. now one of the most common -O words. 

                               Fred MacMurray in his classic "My Three Sons" pose


Father:   Roland, I've been driving all over Hells half acre looking for you! Get your smart little @$$ into this car right now! I have had it up to here with your @$#%&$*! Your Mother and I can't take anymore of this and you'd better get that look off of your face right @*%# or I'll get it off for you!  We're sending you out west to to stay with your granddad for awhile. You think you have it hard now, Just you just wait and see fella!!

Roland: just relax Daddy o, everything is ok. No need to raise the roof.


Father: Roland, I have been driving the family automobile visiting more places than I originally intended and have been unsuccesful in finding you until now. Please get your obnoxiously impudent backside into the vehicle post haste. I have reached the absolute limit of my patience with your tomfoolery. Your mother and I are emotionally, mentally and physically spent with this unbearable situation and you had better remove that expression of arrogance from your face in a very short space of time or I will employ highly uncomfortable tactics in order to remove it for you. We have decided to send you to live with your grandfather for a while. You think your life is troubling and difficult now, your thought will soon be rudely displaced with another, my good chap.

Roland: There is no need for you to feel hostile, my sypathetic and understanding father figure. Everything is working satisfactorily. There is no reason to cause an embarassing disturbance.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scan me up, Scotty

 This ad had me truly stumped for a bit.  I finally figured out that the woman is supposed to be wearing horse blinders. I admit, it's kind of a weird one.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

A moment for John Forsythe

John Forsythe passed away on Friday, April 2. of complications from pneumonia after a yearlong struggle with cancer. He was 92 years old. For all of the years of wonderful talent that we were lucky enough to have shared with him, I offer a moment of silence.

Marrying in the 1950's

"Marrying young was like getting to a sale on the first day. God knows what,
if anything, would be left if you waited until you were twenty-five or
-six." Mary Cantwell

                                                    image from Shorpy

"A New York Times article in 1955 stated that "Not so long ago girls were expelled from college for marrying; now girls feel hopeless if they haven't a marriage at least in sight by commencement time." *
                                                  image from Square America

In the 1950's, Society encouraged and, in effect, pressured women to marry young. Because of the well defined roles of the time, with a woman expected to serve as a homemaker and mother, it wasn't deemed necessary for her to pursue a college degree and start a career. *
                                                image from Square America
In the 50's many women went to college simply to find a fast tracking mate
who would become a good provider. *
                                                 image from Square America

Society benefited economically from a high marriage rate, because that led to an increase in home construction, furnishings, and inevitably production of family related goods. *

                                                      image from Square America
Even Seventeen Magazine printed stories and ads about purchasing wedding dresses and bedroom furniture. Teenaged girls were eager to realize the fantasy of a white wedding, a new house, dreamy furnishings and state of the art appliances. Others felt pressured and obligated to do the same as "all the other girls".*

                                                 image from Square America

As the decade progressed, many women figuratively raced to the altar. They felt compelled to snag one of the good men quickly, before all of them were taken. *

                                             image from square america

Sex was also an issue. In the 1950's, premarital sex was considered sinful, while unprotected sexual intercourse, in an era before the birth control pill, was a gamble few unmarried couples were willing to take. *
image from Wedding Bee
Marraige offered the only acceptable opportunity for young lovers to consummate their relationships. Due to a combination
of all of these factors, nearly half of all american brides by 1959 were all under the age of nineteen.*
                                                                     image from Wedding Bee

*information from "The Fifties Chronicle"


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