Friday, September 16, 2011

1950's American Slang Word of the Day # 27

Our 1950's American Slang Word of the Day today is:

Heat.  1. n. Trouble. usu. for criminals and usu. in the form of intense police searches or other police activity.  Underworld use c. 1925- 2.  A town, country or area in which the police are actively looking for a criminal or are very active. c. 1930- 3. Mob violence. the resentment of a crowd or audience due to being cheated or fooled. c. 1935-Carnival use.- 4. any trouble , especially the anger or strict orders of a Boss, Superior or friend.  since c. 1940.- 5. A gun, usually a pistol. c. 1930.- 6. Gunfire; usually as in "Give someone the Heat." = to kill by shooting. prison use. 7. Drunkeness; a Jag. 8. In Boxing; a round. 9. In Baseball; an inning. The above two common sports usages since c. 1930, are taken from the standard racing term. -ed. adj. Reprimanded, chastised, punished. Rock and Roll use since c. 1955. -er. n. 1. a Gun, Revolver or Pistol . since c. 1930. Widely used in the underworld and in movies and books about the underworld.  2. A Cigar.

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Honest Johnny,  I don't know where they are!  Poppo says that Harold an' Wimpy are layin low for awhile
cuz the heat is crawling all over the place. Poppo says if they bring the heat down on them we'll all burn. I promised poppo I wouldn't say nothin Johnny, nothin! You know I won't say nothin, doncha Johnny? Johnny? Tell Poppo I never said, wouldja Johnny? I mean, I wouldnta said... not ever, Johnny. You know that, right Johnny? Right? Let Poppo know, would ya Johnny? Let him know I never said.

What I say to you John, is not deceptive or fraudulent in any way. I have absolutely no inkling as to the whereabouts of Harold and Winford. The Boss has suggested that the two are to remain hidden for quite some time. It seems that a large number of officers of law enforcement are in the act of observing  many of the places we all frequent for entertainment and socializing. The Boss has made it quite clear that if Harold and Winford are arrested then we are all in for a highly uncomfortable situation. I gave the Boss my word that I would not utter a sound about Harold and Winfords whereabouts. Not a sound. I get a strange feeling by your sober appearance that I may not have long to live. In that case, I would like to make it clear that I would not have broken my silence. Please let the Boss know that I was a man to the end, never having released the information entrusted to me.


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